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Turn any crochet hat into a messy bun/ponytail hat

Turn any crochet hat into a messy bun/ponytail hat

First of all, hi guys. I’m gonna start blogging regularily starting…now! Once a week will be my goal for now. Onto today’s subject:

photo & pattern by    repeat crafter me

photo & pattern by repeat crafter me

I would be lying to you all if I didn’t state this flat out first: I hate, hate, haaate this current trend. I don’t necessarily hate the “hats” themselves, just how they’ve exploded all over the internet. When my facebook friends start tagging me in pictures of these things, I know it’s gone too far. My pinterest feed is 50% messy bun hats right now. There are pages upon pages of new ravelry patterns, all messy bun hats!!

Yeah I’m getting tired of it all.

Even so, I’m going to do a post about turning any hat into one. You can do this with any pattern you’ve already purchased, or any free pattern you love. There are loads of free patterns available, so absolutely use one you like, but just in case you have hat pattern and it’s not available as a messy bun hat pattern and you’re not sure what to do, this will help you out!

With crochet, most hats start at the top and work down. Not always, but this is the first method I will discuss.

Here’s a simple and free pattern from ravelry by Acquanetta Ferguson


The pattern starts as follows:

Round 1 With H hook, ch 3, then 12 dc in in 3rd ch from hook. No slip stitch just keep going here and throughout. (12 dc)

Round 2 2 dc in each stitch around. (24 dc)

Round 3 *dc in next stitch, 2 dc in next stitch,* repeat from * around. (36 dc)

Obviously you want a hole at the top of the hat, so you don’t want to start at the beginning. What to do? Start at Round 3. Round 3 finishes with 36 dc stitches. So to start, make a chain of 36, sl st to join, then do 1 dc into each ch. Continue the pattern as normal after that. However, you’ll notice it’s a rather slouchy hat, and that might look funny with a bun or pony tail. So instead of doing 15 rows, maybe you’ll only do 10. You’ll have to experiment a bit to get the right length.

The hole should be about 2 inches across. If the chain of 36 is too big, start with 24 instead. If 36 is too big, but 24 is too small, start with 30. After your row of 30 dc, you gotta increase it to 36 to line back up with the pattern, so you would increase every 6th st. Play around with the numbers in this way to get the right size!

When the hat’s done, you can go over the hole with slipped stitches or crab stitches to give it a more finished look. You can also shrink the hole this way, too!

So what if you’re using a pattern that is made from the bottom up?

It’s basically the same method. Follow the pattern, then when you’re doing the last 2 or 3 decrease rounds, stop! Finish the hole off with a row of slipped stitches or crab stitches. You want the hole to be about 2 inches across.

But my hair’s not long enough for a hole way the heck up at the top of my head!

Okay, well that presents a new problem. If you’re working with really simple stitches it’s easy, you can just make a hole with some chains and skipped stitches, but if you’re working with more complex things like shells or cables and the like, it’ll take some math.

A hat like this will work easily, and it’s super warm:


From ravelry, it’s the
Crochet Beanie Hat

by Kathy North

It’s super simple and you can easily add stripes of different colors wherever you like. About Round 12 is where you probably want the hole to start. That should be right around the middle back of your head. Doing this is largely trial and error so you’ll have to play around with whatever hat pattern you’ve got!

So for this particular hat, round 12 is 66 st. When you’re halfway done with the round, make a chain that’s about 2 inches long. From the looks of things that’ll be about 6 ch. Skip the next 6 stitches, then continue as normal. For round 13, treat the chain as 6 stitches (which they are) and, not to sound like a broken record, but continue on! You might end up wanting the hole bigger or smaller after you’ve tried it on, so don’t finish the hat until you’ve thoroughly tested it.

So you can see why this might be tricky with complex stitches, eh? Not impossible though!

Alrighty, that about covers it! Honestly I find it weird that I wanted to make this post even though I’m not a big fan of these hats, but the idea just wouldn’t get out of my head!! I blame…the entire internet!!

Thanks for reading, I hope this was useful to someone!

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