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My favorite crochet stitch: the puff stitch

My favorite crochet stitch: the puff stitch

Ah, the puff stitch. Short, long, skinny, chubby, it can be anything you want it to be. The puff stitch is my absolute favorite stitch. As of this moment, there are 14 patterns in my etsy shop that use a puff stitch!


One of those patterns includes my pretty flower slouchy hat.


I even have a scarf that's nearly all puff stitches!

So. I love them.

If you've never done a puff stitch before, youtube has all the resources you need to learn!

After you've mastered the basics of a puff stitch, you can make pretty little puff flowers! A whole scarf of these would be so gorgeous!!

And when you're ready, go ahead and make an entire hat!

Once you get used to making puff stitches, it feels pretty relaxing to yarn over...and over...and over...

So give the ole' puff stitch a try today if you haven't yet! Do you guys like making puff stitches? What's your favorite stitch?

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Free crochet pattern: bear coffee sleeve

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