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Crochet Pattern Round-up: Sloths!

Crochet Pattern Round-up: Sloths!

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Hey guys, I hope you're ready for a little fun, cuz we're about to celebrate the glory of the sloth. Slow moving, covered in algae, and sometimes has a part time job at Shirokuma Cafe.

Sorry not sorry, this is an anime reference.

Sorry not sorry, this is an anime reference.

So let's take a look at this week's collection!


First up is Slocombe the sloth, by mojimojidesign! What a cutie. This amigurumi pattern uses eyelash yarn for the fur.

il_570xN.1343851949_bijr (1).jpg

Next up is Artemis the Sloth Astronomer, by PatchworkMoose! A wire brush is used on this little to make the yarn all fuzzy, like fur.


And here we have an adorable sloth scarf, by CrochetionsbyShell! It appears to be made with almost entirely double crochet stitches, which is great for big, time-consuming projects!


Hmm, this looks familiar for some reason. :) It's my sloth hat from my shop, HELLOhappy! Make it with Lionbrand Homespun yarn. Kind of a pain in the butt to work with, but so worth it when the hat is done.


Next up is Cedric the Sloth crochet market bag, by irenestrange! What a clever idea! Kinda sad I didn't think of it myself hehe. This one uses dc stitches so it's nice and stretchy.


And lastly we have a sloth hood & scarf combo, by lovinghandscrochet! I love the shape of those toe...claw...things! I mean they're called 2 toed & 3 toed slothes, so I guess they're toes?? But anyway, I can't think of any animal better to emulate while laying around all day than a sloth.

So I hope you enjoyed my sloth pattern collection & feel inspired to add a lazy friend into your life. :)

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